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There are numerous corporations and smaller businesses which are looking for photographs covering a variety of different styles and niches.

Some potential benefits to consider:

  • Work from anywhere in the world

  • If photography is your passion, turn it into a career

  • Work at your own pace, your own schedule, and on your own volition


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If you are interested in building an income or career online with your camera (or perhaps you phone), then there are a variety of options you can consider to begin. One consideration you should make right away however, is where you would be best suited to start out. Some income methods I will discuss below (such as licensing your own photographs from a photo sharing service) are dependent on external variables such as your ability to generate traffic, attention, and desire for your photographs; and would perhaps not be the most ideal means of generating an income online for a hobbyist photographer just starting out. Other income ventures such as taking up freelancing contracts may have more demands when it comes to your portfolio/credentials as a photographer. Destpie all of these challenges, do not hesitate to start small and build your portfolio over time if you must.

The most convenient means of earning an income online with your personal photographs is to use a photo sharing service which permits you to sell and perhaps also license your photographs for special royalties and resale. An example website which allows you to sell and license your photographs is 500px, while there are royalty free photography marketplaces such as Shutterstock which permit you to sell your photographs.



If you have a small portfolio and some time for commitment to a task, anoter option you have is to use a freelancing service such as Fiverr, Upwork, or There are numerous opportunities to earn a freelance contract to take a variety of different photographs.

The above image is a snippet of's category list, one detail to consider is that there are also opportunities to find side contracts related to photography sub-niches, such as photoshop editing and retouching images.

If working absolutely remotely, without any commitments to a business, freelance contract, or perhaps even location is your priority; then the most ideal route for you would be building a personal photography website. A personal photography website will naturally allow you to promote, copytight, and sell your photographs on your own terms. If you do not have the necessary web design skills or time to build your own website, then you could consider using a free (or paid) website builder such as Wix or WordPress.

Wix (Free)

Wordpress (Pay for Domain)